Not Taglioni

Today’s mystery. I was writing a piece for the Sunday Times earlier in the year, and they sent me some images to accompany my review. One was captioned ‘Taglioni’:

Not Taglioni -- but who?

I’m pretty clear it’s not Taglioni — the shoes, everything about it suggests 1870s/1880s to me, and, although I don’t know why, I also think it says ‘Russia’ somehow, maybe an Italian dancer in Russia.

Any balletomanes out there with good eyes and memories?

2 thoughts on “Not Taglioni

  1. perhaps its Marie Taglioni the Younger, also known as Marie Taglioni, a.k.a. Marie Taglioni the second, and/or Marie Paul Taglioni (life dates as follows: 1833-1891.)

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