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Bryan Robertson: a hero for our times

I’m off to a preview of the new Rothko show at the Whitechapel Gallery in a few minutes, which marks the 50th anniversary of the first showing of that artist’s work in Britain, curated by the Gallery’s then-director, Bryan Robertson. I posted a somewhat bilious piece a few weeks ago… Read more

Editathon-ing away, the Victorians rule the waves!

Well, that’s a Saturday spent usefully. No, I haven’t joined the Boy Scouts — although it’s a thought. Instead I spent the day at a seminar organized by the British Library in conjunction with Wikipedia. From the BL’s point of view, it was a way of promoting its special collections… Read more

Counting women — Counting enough to be counted

Yesterday, International Women’s Day, I went to see the new small exhibition at the British Library. And while the census is not obviously about women, the question of counting women matters. Col. William Thornton, who fought under the Duke of Cumberland in 1745, and was later MP for York, thundered… Read more

New business opportunities, 19th-century style

Want to rent some housebreaking tools? Never thought of burglar-rental as a way of earning a living? Mr Zachariah Philips of White Hart Yard, Drury Lane, ‘Lends out Pistols to Highwaymen & others by the Night at so much for their use’, while Mr Baker, of One Tun Court, the… Read more

Room 1: How do I love thee…

There is, of course, much to be said for the blockbuster art show, with glamorous paintings being jetted in from across the world — the supermodels of the art-world, if you like — for us to ogle. But while blockbusters often fill in a big gap, or are  blindingly wonderful,… Read more