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‘What are my demographics?’ I wail

Brace yourself, Bridget, for truly the most unappealing idea of the day — week? month? millennium? According to Jane Ubell-Meyer, ‘known in the celebrity gifting world for over a decade’ (are there some words you fully expected never to type in a sentence?), according to Ms Ubell-Meyer, ‘The book publishing

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The BAD way to deal with reviewers

I have given lessons in this, so I know. Pay attention, because just gone viral, online, is how NOT to respond to a review. A woman named Jaqueline Howett has apparently self-published a novel entitled The Greek Seaman (that’s a sailor, you nasty-minded folk). She received a mixed review online

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Is Wallander really ‘Goodnight Moon’?

Wallander is leaving us, says Henning Mankell. I’ve written a (fairly frivolous) piece on detectives abandoning their readers in the Telegraph this morning (here). But while I was writing it, I was actually thinking about the instalment, and how attuned we are to it. Dickens, of course, was the king

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Are we still talking about books?

I’m used to not understanding things, honest I am. As one of my friends said gently once, ‘You don’t really have much connection to the 21st century, do you?’ (He might have added the 20th too, but very kindly didn’t.) So that’s fine. But now I get the feeling no

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“Happy to chitty chat”

Well, I have to post (have to) on this subject, because, frankly, I can’t resist the phrase ‘happy to chitty chat’. This came from an article in the New York Times (here) on how no one ever talks on the phone any more: phones are for emails, texts, twitter, but

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